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How to reset icloud security questions



Apple provides a number of features to identify yourself online, one of which includes the security question as a secondary method. Security questions are designed to be memorable which is related to one’s personal information and it is unique. Before changing your password or other account information, viewing your device details, you are asked to answer one or more security questions. In case if you don’t want security question then you can set up TWO-STEP VERIFICATION or TWO FACTOR AUTHENTICATION to verify your identity.


In case of any guidance, you can take help from the Apple Support Team to resolve any query regarding the service. You can contact on icloud password reset phone number to avail instant service from the support team where they will provide you the best of their service.




In order to change your icloud security question, you need to follow the following steps:

Sign in to your Apple ID Account Page using your registered id and password


Go to the security section and click on EDIT.

If you already have security questions then you will be asked to answer them correctly before you continue.


Click on CHANGE QUESTION option.

If you want to add set them up, then click on ADD SECURITY QUESTIONS.

Choose the new security question from the given options


Enter your answer.


Add and verify to update the settings.


Your security question is successfully updated.

In case if you forget the answer to your security question, then you may be locked out from your account.

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